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I have moved my blog to here. Two blogs were too hard to maintain.
Come and check it out.


Scatterday Y

Now isn't that a cute letter Y.  The categories for this week are
# bedroom
# winter
# hot
# and from the sewing room - yahoo!!!! Something that you were/are really pleased you finally finished.  Speaking of finished Y is the final Scatterday letter.
It has been a fun year and there has been some interesting reading in the fortnightly posts. I look forward to checking out the posts for our ultimate week.

Publication day is 7th December...oops better make that 21st December (thanks Vireya for letting me know - some days are just so hectic.. you all know the feeling) . I wonder how many people will be able to make it for this date... thanks everyone for participating .

Scatterday C

There is no character from Sesame Street who can compare to the Cookie Monster and this week he gives us the categories
X. Sunday
X.  wet
X. round
X. colourful
All of which are to be published
7th December


Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Bog Hop

My blog addy has changed for this event. 

Please click on this link or go to on or after Wednesday 13th. See you there


Scatterday G

Brought to you by the categories

 % Body
% Hobby
% Lunch
% Green

posting date 23rd November.

Scatterday K

And to brighten up your next few days how about we find items beginning with the letter K, but to make it more fun they need to be in the categories
# in your neighbourhood
# edible
# container
# and from the sewing room something king size
Posting date is 9th November.

Scatterday P

Well what do you think of the art work. I would have given credit but I can't find where I took it from.
categories this week are
# Furniture
# Books
# Animal
# PIG in your sewing room

posting date 26th October

Scatterday F

ok things have to be easier this week as the letter and categories are all common.
# Insect
# Country
# Shop
# Future Project

posting date 12th October

Scatterdays - sorry

Hi everyone,
look I'm just not getting organised these days and every Scatterday as it arrives just piles on the guilt about my poor organisation and over commitment. I am going to have to pull out of this. For all of you wonderful people who are managing to upload I will continue to upload a new letter and categories every fortnight... there are only five more letters to go.
I love reading all of your posts and will feel a lot happier simply checking rather than feeling guilty about not posting at the same time.
Now to see what people have written.

Scatterday O

 @ Discarded
 @ Workplace
  @ Arts
  @ Old

posting date 28th September